Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday afternoon developments

Several positive things happened today. First, Jesse planted zucchini and brussel sprouts in the garden. Second, I ate extraordinarily delicious ribs. Third, Charlie Louvin told me that I have a commanding pair of eyes. That's right folks, today I met one of my first and biggest musical influences, the great Charlie Louvin.

Jesse and I went down to the annual Record Store Day festivities at Grimey's here in Nashville. Charlie Louvin and Del McCoury both played fabulous sets. Charlie's voice has certainly suffered from his years of smoking and the tenor singer he's using is no Ira Louvin. Even so, he still has killer phrasing and puts on a great show. I went up to him after his set and had him sign a CD. I told him that one of the first songs I learned to sing was "When I Stop Dreaming." He looked up at me then said, "You have a commanding pair of eyes." That was it. I thanked him and went back to my spot in front of the stage. When I told Jesse, he said proudly, "Awww! Charlie Louvin's hitting on my girlfriend."

Del's set was also a treat. He can still sing as well as ever. Plus, he has really beautiful teeth. So straight. So white.

I love Nashville!


Charlie Louvin now...

...and then

Del and the boys:


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