Monday, April 13, 2009

Mama Tried

The Everly Brothers did NOT turn 21 in prison.

Merle Haggard DID, compare and contrast.

Extra Credit:
Does Merle Haggard still seem tough when he's singing on a pastel colored carousel? In a green suit?



Amanda Lynn said...

Hmm, I think the Everly Brothers didn't turn 21 in prison, but did skip their "How to Learn a Melody of a Song" class, as well as the "Unison - When it works and when it doesn't" seminar.

Hey, is that a mini-camel on the carousel with Merle? really? wow. Maybe the Sweetbacks need their own carousel, no?

The Sweetback Sisters said...

To be fair to the Everly Brothers, I think they may have been distracted by the giant toy blocks they were sitting on.

Ross said...

Extra credit answer: yes.

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