Tuesday, March 17, 2009

that's SWEET of you to say...

CUE STEFAN! Stefan? Where's my ba-DUM-ching? Oh he's in Maine recording some diddy's on a new Eric Merril project. I suppose that's a reasonable excuse.

Well we woke up this morning to a nice flow of GoogleAlerts about our Charleston show in WV this weekend. What a concept... the sweetback sisters getting an article before & after a concert! Whether or not the information is correct, we're honored. Check out the article HERE. Please note that neither Emily nor I wrote "I Want to be a Real Cowboy Girl" it was the Girls of the Golden West. Cute alert!

Hooeeey.. Well we get a few days off, and then it's back to Brooklyn with the crew. Don't forget to come out to our Sweet 'n Crooked show @ The Bellhouse where we share the evening with those quick pickers Crooked Still. Buy your tickets early for a nice discount.



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