Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mountain Mama...

John Denver was right about a thing or two after all. The Blue Ridge Mountains may not be in West Virginia and the Shenendoah River may not run through it, but ol' WV sure is pretty close to heaven.

We had a great trip there this weekend. We played in Elkins on Friday night to a fantastic crowd in a beautiful old converted church (now the Randolph County Arts Center). The folks at the Arts Center are organized and sweet and helpful. Plus, they have a great group of volunteers who do things like make snacks and bring beer. A particular highlight of the night was a Zap Mama-esque beer-bottle-rhythm-groove jam backstage at intermission. Bridget and Stefan and Ross are extra talented. If only I'd had the wherewithal to videotape it. I guess someone will just have to bring us beer at another show so that we can recreate the moment...

The next night, we played at the Cultural Center in Charleston, WV in FOOTMAD's concert series. Again, amazing volunteers brought excellent food (no beer till the afterparty), including homemade bread and chili. Plus we had two gigantic dressing rooms (one for girls and one for guys-- we are equally proportioned now) and a monster green room. It was pretty much the lap of luxury.

The show was totally fun in all the right ways (good sound, great crowd, dance floor with crazy kalaidescope lights on it [!]). You Tube videos to come. But that's not even the best part! AFTERWARD, we all retired to Steve Ballman's house for a big party. Whoo! Copious amounts of beer, wine and moonshine (Thanks, Bill!) led to all sorts of fun music-making. Gospel singing, Jimmy Martin tunes, Bill Kimmons's fantastic rendition of "Ghost Chickens in the Sky," Beatles songs, Jeff Buckley... my oh my.

Anyway, now we're back in our respective homes getting ready to convene in New York next weekend for our show with Crooked Still @ the great new venue The Bell House. Come on Down!

Keep It Country!
xoTheSweetback Sisters


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