Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello Noho

After close to two years The Sweetback Sisters finally made their triumphant return to Northampton, Ma. (Thank you to the incredible mass of people who came to the Elevens so many years ago to our show with The Drunk Stuntmen!) Since venues are limited in the Pioneer Valley we usually stuck to our Brattleboro, VT scene and didn't know when the chance would arise. But some quick thinking by Jim @ Signature Sounds, had us squeezed into a prime spot opening for our fellow label buddies The Sacred Shakers Awesome! Now here was a pair made in heaven. Honky tonk and gospel overload! Those guys are amazing (I was personally in love with the bass player's slap action, thick boston drawl, and genuine greaser hair-doo.) Since we're new to the scene there wasn't much intermingling, but I hope come Green River Fest in July we'll be throwing down together in a big country gospel way.

Though there seemed to be some in house sound issues (or so I was told afterwards) the sound on stage was great, and either way we got a standing O, and actually called back on stage for another tune! We had discussed the possibility of an encore beforehand just so we had a tune prepared, but figure what opening band at the iron horse gets that chance? So we threw that idea out the window. I was already downstairs with the guitar looking forward to my lasagna waiting for me in the dressing room, when the ceiling started to shake. And they wanted us back! With a glare the sound guy said " you have four minutes" and I thought, "we only need 2." We returned to the green room to food, an offer for a cowboy gig (complete with pony rides) and the official copy of our record contract. Though an opening spot at the horse can barely buy you and your buddies a round. My heart melted a little. Good 'ol Northampton. Thanks for always making me feel at home.

Well, that's enough tooting of horns for one evening. I'll end by saying how lucky we feel to be an official part of The Signature Sounds crew, and to be surrounded by such talented people and such wonderful listeners such as yourself. If you ever need a song, or a good meal, just say the word.
Hope to see you in Brattleboro, VT tomorrow @ The Hooker Dunham

Night night!
The Sweetback Sisters


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