Thursday, January 11, 2007

Madison County, Virginia.

Yesterday was complete madness-- wonderful, but exhausting. It was dark when we woke up for breakfast, and we drove the 45 minutes from Joe's parents' house into Charlottesville during sunrise. Several cups of coffee later we arrived at the WNRN studio to meet Anne Williams.  Somehow we actually fit all 6 of us, complete with bass and Stefan on the snare, into a tiny booth to play some tunes and anwer Anne's interview questions semi-intelligently. It was there decided that Emmy brings the "roots", while I brings the "kitsch" to The Sweetback Sisters, creating a perfect combination... too true!

After the radio show, we wandered the beautiful downtown area of Charlottesville and scoped out the Gravity Lounge where we would be playing later that night. Our tourist buzz didn't last long. Lack of sleep soon caught up with us, and we drove back to Joe's and went to bed.

Though we were all a bit dazed and hungry, the show at the Gravity Lounge was a total hoot. The audience consisted mostly of friends of the band members' parents-- the best kind of audience! We all kind of looked at each other at the break and said, "Hey, this is really coming together!" It's so nice to finally be able to play with each other for several nights consecutively, as opposed to the previous here-and-there gigs, and watch the group grow as a family (and honky-tonkin' machine!)

A nice bit of icing on the cake was this promo pic we threw together this morning before packing the cars to head to Philly. A bit matronly, but not a bad looking bunch ;)

Keep it country!

Zara and the Sweetbacks


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