Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hometowns make us happy

Current mood: tired

I just sat on my guest bed at Joe's family's lovely Madison County, Virginia home. It was incredibly soft, with fresh linens, and country quilts, perfect to sleep on for hours and hours. But there was a cold, stark reality, this bed was in fact just a terrible tease and travesty, for in a little less than 5 hours we're all going to get up and drive into Charlottesville. A few days ago, in a stroke of bravery and restedness, we agreed to do a 9am radio appearance on WNRN (Anne William's morning show) knowing full well that we would be driving in from Baltimore the night before and probably wouldn't sleep at all. Eeek! Reality sinks in.... Ah well, atleast we're all keeping busy!

We just had a show in Baltimore this evening at a great little place called Current Gallery in the middle of B-more's financial district. Due to no planning on our part (Thanks, Carly!), the evening ended up being an elegant history of country music! The first act was a small group of Shape Note Singers, performing the polyphonic early American church music that was so influential for early country singers like the Louvin Brothers ; the second was Caleb Stine, who sang an array of early folk amd blues tunes, including some Guthrie & Carter Family material; and third was us, with honky tonk and beyond. A nice history lesson for all.

Alright I should go. My goal is to get at least 4.2 hours of sleep.



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