Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello world!

YeeHaw! Welcome To The Official Sweetback Sister WEBPAGE! We here at the SBS Headquarters have decided to go blog style, still offering you all the many wonderful things a webpage can, but with the hope of keeping people interested, updated, and honky-tonkin' tasty fresh!

So kick off your boots and stay awhile!

Vegas Cowgirl

Love & Country Music,

The Sweetback Sisters


Res said...

Yee-Haww!, is right! Hey, this is not only's sweet!

Much success, to you! I loved V.Bode's art & have been a fan since I was a youngin'~~Still a youngin, who loves graphic Art, AND MUSIC!!!

This is really a great thing. A blog!

Check out my site, and feel free to stop in, enjoy, and view, "Res's World of Delectable Sin,"....

and all the best, Molly and Posse!


Res said...

So sorry..I meant to write: Zara!


Kenn Chaplin said...

Hey congrats on your great second place finish on Prairie Home Companion!

You sounded great!

Bruce Edwards said...

Hi Sweetback Sisters, You were TREMENDOUS on the PHC radio show today. I voted for you. I am now your biggest fan in Iowa and perhaps in the world!
Bruce F. Edwards, CPA, West Des Moines, Iowa

FlywheelGrinding said...

Hey sisters,
Damn, you all ought to come on down and play a gig here in Austin.
I am halfway through Prairie Home Companion, you are sending me and making me happy, and I'm an old fogey.
Yall are just darlin' and are just blowing my old hippy mind. You would be a big hit down here in A-town. A lot of people spread the BS about how Austin is the Musical Capital of the.... blah, but there is good music here, and great fans and great food and drink and skinny dippin'.
Come on down and play us a gig.
Thanks again,
Flywheel Grinding

croquetguy said...

yee ha eh?
from your newest Canadian fan
heard you on PHC and voted for you too


Miss ShagiMae said...

Zara dahlin', you must put your considerable talent in a safe deposit box, seal and padlock the box and place it far from reach, otherwise if your star continues to rise how will your "stagemom" Molly survive??? Being one of your unofficial aunties is difficult enough, I nearly cried when I was in class Saturday and couldn't get to a computer to vote for the scintillating Sweetback Sisters on PHC !! Congrats to you swingin' gals and guys on your Second Place Win.... 2nd place ain't bad at all when it's national !!!

Bryan Lord said...

Awesome! I've been wondering when "Kansas City Star" would be posted online. Sounds great!

amaculer said...


Res said...


here we go!

xx,res~~in camo

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