Monday, October 19, 2009

Jesse's not the only poet in the band...

Biking in China

Some people in China ride bikes everyday
Over bridges and under the arch
I'm peddling along in what would be May
Except for the fact that it's March

Biking all day makes my leg muscles big
My red T-shirt makes me look bright
I'm glad I came here in the year of the pig
Though people treat every year right.

-Emily (circa 1995)

Written following my 7th grade class trip to China. We biked all over Guangdong Province (near Guangzhou). Note that it wasn't a long haul, since I was living in Hong Kong at the time. You can see its proximity to Guangzhou nicely on the fine map I drew around the same time.

Ah, the things one finds when cleaning out the storage unit...


Anonymous said...

Emily, you are a woman after Martin's heart with that map - our basement is full of ones like that :). thanks for sharing.
Amanda Lynn

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