Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A shout out to some talented songwriters!

On Chicken Ain't Chicken, we were lucky enough to record several songs from modern-day songwriters who write songs for today, tomorrow and yesterday. They really are a talented bunch. Here's to them:

Mary Lucey-Cardine (who co-wrote "They Say Virginia is for Lovers")

Kristin Andreassen (who co-wrote "They Say Virginia is for Lovers" and wrote "Red Shoes Blues")

Josh Ritter
(who wrote "Deputy Blues No.2")

Own own Jesse Milnes and our friend Doug Van Gundy (who co-wrote "You're Gone Again")

[NOTE: Doug gets two videos because not only does he play music, but he was also a contestant on "Who wants to be a millionaire" back in the day]

Thanks to all you talented folks!



Anonymous said...

wow! doug was on WWTBAM??? i just watched that whole thing! how far did he get?!? this is amazing...


Anonymous said...

Ross, according to my watch, I'm writing you 1/2 hour before you wrote - magic. So, Doug was the first big winner - he won $250,000 - the most ever won live on American TV at that time. Very big deal. Yay Doug!

And Yay! songwriters.
Amanda Lynn

Anonymous said...

or maybe I just don't know what day it is :)

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