Friday, June 19, 2009


First of all, thank you thank you thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to our shows last week. And to all of you who supported our endeavors by buying the CD! Wow! Thanks especially to that guy in Thomas, WV who unwittingly bought the very first copy of the album by tossing some money over the fence at me before the show. If you feel like taking his lead and getting your very own Chicken Ain't Chicken, I can hook you up.

Now I'm going to try to do justice to this whirlwind week without surrendering to my inherent wordiness. Here goes nothing...

Day 1: Purple Fiddle.
--Bridget's birthday! Cake for breakfast, cake for dinner, cake for munchies in between.

--My sleeptalking (apparently I relived the whole show in my sleep and periodically said things like, "Thank you all so much for coming out" and "What a great night!")
--late night pool at the Purple Fid
dle hostel with John and other drunk West Virginians. So fun!
Lowlights: Squeaky squeaky bunk beds in the Purple Fiddle hostel.
New best friends: Chris and Ben from Baltimore. Holla! They hit a deer on the way to their camping trip and got stranded at the Purple Fiddle for the night, but claimed that our concert made it all worth it! I think they were just buttering us up for a ride to the auto body shop in Maryland (which we happily provided).

Day 2: M-Room, Philly
--Hezekiah Jones is a really great band. And I don't just say that. They aren't even a COUNTRY band and I love them.
--We got to play with pedal steel for the first time ever! And it was so fun. Thanks, Andy!!
--Ross and Stefan cooked dinner for the band (pasta and poor man's garlic bread), which was totally adorable and
lovely. On the other end of the spectrum from Zara's famous roast chicken, but wonderful in its own right.
The sad part: We drove to NYC after the show and, thus, not only had to drive through New Jersey, but had to do it in the middle of the night, which is triply worse. Quadruply worse. See Jesse's post below for a poetic expression of our feelings for I-95 in NJ. Did you know that in a few short miles you can go from heading north on the turnpike to heading south?!? Without ever even changing lanes?!?!

Day 3: Jalopy

--Robin drew these beautiful pictures at the show! Check out more art at the ukulelechicken blog!
--the new stickers arrived in time for our show. Metallic gold sunrays on vinyl! My brother Ethan drew the pretty picture.
--Geoff and Lynette just rock. They were setting off on a two week sailing adventure the next morning and still presided over the evening with poise and grace.
--Zara riling up the crowd with frequent air punches in honor of the CD release. Now NO show is complete without air punches. Maybe I'll get Z to make an air-punch tutorial video for the blog, because she really has nice technique.
--Zara's entire extended family. Amazing. And so man
y good NYC friends in the audience. Thanks so much for coming out!
--This is going to start to sound repetitive, but we drove to VT after the show, which is now officially my least favorite thing to do. Waa-wah! I guess it could also go in the highlights category, though, because we got to eat lots of Cheetohs and see the sunrise in western MA!

Day 4: Roots on the River
Sweetest crowd ever! So forgiving of our sleep-deprived goofiness. This lovely sampler video gives you a nice sense of how great everyone was. That dancing couple captured my heart!

--Beautiful festival weather and air filled with general festival giddiness. It just makes a girl feel good!
--Massages by Zoe, compliments of Ray!

--Free beer
--Jenee Halstead (owner of an amazing voice, stellar songwriting skills, and extremely stylish boots), Red Molly (bad-ass 3-part harmony singing and hot guitar picking from NYC), and our new label mate Caroline Herring (awesome singer-songwriter from Hot-lanta).
--this Canadian guy was kind enough to show us his Dodge Sprinter, which he had tricked out with a cooch (that's Canadian for couch) and bunks and book racks and everything.'
-Milly and Molly's birthday dinner chez Amidon (Zara's mom and aunt. They're twins. And their names are... you get it They're just as adorable and wonderful as you might imagine given that information).
Lowlights: None! No, wait. We were all pretty disappointed that we missed Junior Brown the night before. He's a hero of ours (featured in previous blog posts). But we DID get to see the remnants of his git-steel birthday cake from the night before. Now that's art!
Favorite new game: Slack-jaw word association. Try it at home, folks! Believe me, the name tells you all you need to know.

Day 5: Cowboy Festival in Ashfield, MA.

-- Nan's amazing cowboy-inspired food (a LOT better than the schlock they eat in Lonesome Dove)
-- Cowboy cutout for classy photos.

--Pony rides! I didn't actually have time to take one, but I lived vicariously through some of the kids while I ate my delicious dinner of cowboy chili.
--Girl Howdy (killer honky-tonk singing and playing) and all the fabulous dancers who tore up the floor during their set (and, luckily for us, stuck around to tear it up a little more during ours). Actually, the girls of GH themselves did some fine floor-tearing at the end of the evening.
Amazing realizations: "Who has the guitar amp? Do you have the guitar amp? Did it ever make it in the car yesterday?" (Answer: no. But everything worked out in the end. Thanks to Ray and Rose Sinclair!)
New best friend: Nan!

OK! That's it for the shows. I've babbled on for long enough! Thanks again to everyone we saw this week. I hope we run into more of you down the road.



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