Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back in good ol' WV

Jesse and I are in Elkins preparing for the rest of the gang's arrival tonight. I'm looking forward to a donated chocolate pudding cake (thanks to Jesse's grandparents!) and some nickel-and-dime poker tonight at our beloved cabin retreat on the Cheat River (thanks to Jesse's parents!).

We're here in West Virginia to kick off the Chicken Ain't Chicken release tour. Wow! I'm extremely excited to hold our CD in our hands and admire its very existence. We owe a million-and-a-half thanks to Jim Olsen at Signature Sounds and our esteemed producer Eric Merrill for getting this thing out of our collective Sweetback living room and (hopefully!) into some other living rooms. Actually, I guess I can be pretty confident that it will get played in at least ONE other living room (right, Mom?). You will be able to get a pre-release copy at any of our shows in the next week [Philly on June 11th; Brooklyn on June 12th; Bellows Falls, VT on June 13th; Ashfield, MA on June 14th], at selected websites (The Sweetback Sisters, Signature Sounds) starting on June 16th, and at a record store near you (or anywhere else on the internet) starting on June 30th.

The first show (!) is tomorrow night at the Purple Fiddle. The show starts at 8:30 pm. In case you've never been to the Purple Fiddle, it's a SWEET restaurant/music venue in the crushingly picturesque town of Thomas, WV. Even if you can't make it on Wednesday (though we'd love love love to see you there) you should try to make it out there sometime. It's worth it. You're guaranteed to see a lot of fiddles that are painted purple. They even sell local brew.

Love from the Mountain State (not to be confused with the GREEN Mountain State-- we'll be there on Saturday)



Janet said...

You all need to come further south and east. Guess I will have to wait for the CD release on your website.

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