Monday, March 3, 2008


oh. my. god.

i'm being forced to write something about our recording session. zara is poking me in the back yelling "faster!" and "funnier!" and i'm doing the best i can against my will. i have to come up with a creative way to tell everyone how awesome and fun our recording venture has been going so far. and guess what folks?!? it has been awesome and fun!

i met up with zara and stefan in new york on friday night to drive up to emmy's beautiful house in marlboro, vermont, where we all are staying for the week. it is a beautiful, large window house in the middle of the woods, and with the recent few feet of snowfall, it looks like we're surrounded by a giant white ant farm. the fridge is stocked and we're settling in nicely.

after meeting up with emmy, jesse, joe and our wonderful producer, the esteemed eric merrill, we have spent a weekend of solid, rather exhausting rehearsing and fabulous dinner consumption due to the culinary stylings of chef zara bode. as of this evening, we just finished cutting our first track, "cannonball," at northern track studios, led by the fabulous engineering skills of gary henry.

so far, so good.


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