Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where Have All The Cowgirls Gone?

"Gone Like the blowin' wind, gone like that fifth of gin, you drank before you stumbled in and passed out on my floor..."
(Milnes/You're Gone Again)

Fear not Sweetback lovers we are still here! This is a long awaited entry to tell you so! The fall brought wonderful changes to everyone in the band, so we decided to take a little break to focus on our extra-marital affairs. The horizon has a plethora of Sweetback events in-store, but we're only slowly breaking ground. So we must all sit tight and wait for the magic to happen. New web/product designs are in the works for a whole new look for the Sweets and we're booking shows here and there for the next few months, but are focusing on spots for a late summer '08 tour to promote our long awaited full length CD! WA-HOO!

So keep your britches buttoned, and we'll be sure to keep you in "the know."

Sassparilla Kisses.


p.s. in the next week or so we will be adding some back-logged blogs to fill in the gaps from the last few months. So scroll down and see if you missed anything!


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