Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frank Wakefield

Frank Wakefield is at least as crazy as he looks. And he looks pretty crazy. He's also largely responsible for my all-time-favorite bluegrass album "Red Allen with Frank Wakefield and the Kentuckians."

The first (and only) time I met him I spoke to him for 20 minutes, during which time he "backed talkwards" consistently without clarification. Then he handed me his nearly priceless Lloyd Loar mandolin (the one he famously baked in an oven and painted white) and disappeared for half an hour while he got changed for the show.

He has almost 200 videos on his youtube channel. I settled on this one because it happens to be the most recent. Check out some others for more pithy observations like "This microphone sounds more like it does than it did a while ago" and (to the audience) "This was fun, I hope you get invited back."


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