Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Very Exciting News!

We just spent a couple of days in Philly cutting a single at Turtle Studios. Signature Sounds says they'll press it on 7" vinyl when it's done, (do we have the coolest record label or what?) but you 21st century types can also download it from the internets.

Just give us a few days to finish mixing and mastering, and then a month or so to get it pressed.

Let's see... oh yeah, the songs:
1)Be Back Home Tonight
2)I'll Show You Things You've Never Known

By the way I can't recommend Turtle highly enough, they did a great job, and it also happens to be Ross's main stomping ground, so if you need scorching electric guitar on your record (and trust me, you do) it won't be far away.



Rachel Bellenoit said...

Well, yes, Ross is not only a superb guitarist, he's also a superb producer. Not that I am prejudiced. ;-)

Amanda Lynn said...

Oh, scorching guitar, how I need you.
Amanda Lynn

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