Thursday, April 29, 2010

Squirrel Ain't Chicken Too

Squirrel ain't chicken too,
Squirrel ain't chicken too,
Squirrels are made of protein,
You can put them in shampoo,
You can put them in shampoo.

Pig ain't chicken neither,
Pig ain't chicken neither.
Bacon grease makes good shampoo,
So give your squirrels a breather,
Give your squirrels a breather.

* * *

Title track for the new album perhaps?

P.S. I think I might owe Peter Bitenc for the line "squirrel ain't chicken too"


Allison W. said...

Is that your hair care secret? I was wondering. ;)

The Sweetback Sisters said...

Actually, I'm a doctor Bronner's man myself.

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