Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gritty Small Town Realism*

Take me to GoMart, I'm already wasted, and
the bouncer at Beander's wants five bucks at the door.
No way am I paying to go hear a DJ,
we can crank up our radio in front of the store.

Take me to GoMart, we might see those girls there,
the ones we saw Friday, and the weekend before.
The new cashier's hot, but I don't think she likes me,
since I dropped a full bottle of beer on the floor.

I paid for the beer, but she still acted hateful,
I'm guessing that cleanup is one of her chores.
So I'm not going in, I'll just stand by the car and say
"got any weed man? I'm trying to score."


*This title is designed to convey to my more sophisticated readers that this is in no way autobiographical and should be regarded as a sort of literary exercise, a character sketch, perhaps. My less sophisticated readers are free to believe what they want.


Janet said...

Nice disclaimer. lol

Amanda Lynn said...

weed... score... Jesse you're FUNNY. 'course, growing up on the west coast, I've been asked that many, many times...
Amanda Lynn

Anonymous said...

jesse milnes is my new favorite poet.

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