Friday, February 6, 2009

Rising From the Dead

Hey Y'all...
After several months of patient waiting Brooklyn/Nashville/Philly communication lines have begun to crackle with news of upcoming Sweetback activity. Rumours suggest that shows in March will be scheduled for the "Big Apple" and the "Big E" (Elkins, WV, for those who must ask) as well as the "Jewel of the Kanawah," Charleston, WV.

Some experts predict that CD's of "Chicken Ain't Chicken" will be publicly traded before the first day of summer, while analytical philosophers argue that, chicken IS chicken, and empirical claims to the contrary have not been subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. Non-dualists found them selves in an uneasy alliance with Aristotelians on the issue saying "in some ways yes, and in some ways no."

Reached for comment, Sweetback associate Jesse Milnes was tight-lipped, replying to questions with an obscene riddle "Guess what? Chicken b**t."

Veteran band watchers think that the philosophical argument is a distraction and they should focus on getting back on the road, "playing some gigs, selling some records and you know man, just doing what they do."

Whatever happens next you'll read it here first.

- Rosin Jaw
& The Sweetback Sisters


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